06 Banco della reson, Cavalese, Trento, Italien

banco della reson Cavalese

Pietra dei condannati

06 Deutsche Version in Bearbeitung

06 The origins of the “Banco della Reson” (Judgement Desk) date back to the 16th century although the site where it is located is much more ancient, probably dating back to Longobard times. On that site the representatives of eight valley communities used to meet to address legal and administrative issues. The original stone is now hosted in the hall of the old palace of the deputy of the prince-bishop of Trento. There it served as a “convicted-stone”, the place where the felon would stand to hear the reading of the sentence. It is interesting to note the similarity of the Judgement Desk (mentioned above) and the “Gerichtstisch” of the city of Rodebach, Kassel. (See 07)


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